 Insulated double skin cabinet construction reduces energy costs, noise levels and keeps the wash area ambient
temperature, to an absolute minimum.
 Specially designed stainless steel, indented anti-clog wash and rinse arms, easily removed for cleaning, without tools.
 Pressed molded wash tank with radial corners with sloping bottom and double inox filters for hygiene and easy maintenance.
 High efficiency, self-draining wash pump for greater hygiene and ultimate washing power.
 Integral peristaltic rinse aid dosing.
 EVO electronic control panel with LCD display.
 Energy saver on stand-by mode
 Thermostatic system for rinse at 85°C.
 Micro safety switch hood.
 Air trap device.
 Auto-self cleaning wash tank cycle at the end of the day.
 HY-NRG system : the atmospheric boiler assure the rinse temperature at 85°C and the rinse booster pump a stable rinse
water pressure during the entire rinse.
 CVC steam condenser/heat recovery with auto-self cleaning of battery and wash tank.